Mallnitz is the right place for those who are aware that you can combine a nature loving appetite and deep relaxation. The municipality in the middle of the Hohe Tauern National Park has less than 1000 inhabitants, but there is a lot on offer. Due to its proximity to the Ankogel mountain, there are plenty of opportunities in winter, from skiing to ski touring and classic cross-country skiing.


In summer, the Tauern Region beckons as a hiking paradise. From comfortable excursions to challenging summit ascents, there's something for everyone here. There is a wide range of activities for cyclists, fishermen and water sports enthusiasts – from rafting to canyoning and wakeboarding.




The whole national park is all yours.

The Hohe Tauern are one of the most beautiful natural sites in Europe. The sublimity of the Alps can be seen here in more than 100 peaks, in rushing waterfalls and mighty glaciers. The gentleness of nature is reflected in unspoilt meadows, tranquil lakes and peaceful valleys.

The naturalness with which we move in nature, breathe in it, laugh and find satisfaction in it – it waits in places like this.