Water is the largest treasure of the National Park region. Quiet lakes invite you to linger, rushing waterfalls awaken the spirit of adventure. Let your soul dangle at Lake Stappitz while your children run around to their heart’s content in the leisure area, enjoy the peace and quiet while fishing at the river Möll or discover the rough sides of the water while rafting or canyoning. In the wild water arena Mölltal even professionals get their money's worth.


  • Leisure Facility Mallnitz Lake Stappitz
    Children’s play park directly on River Seebach including BBQ Facilities


  • Indoor swimming pool „Tauernbad Mallnitz“ with brand new sauna
    in winter, our guests can visit the indoor pool and sauna free of charge (Please note: children are only allowed into the sauna area from the age of 12) – in summer the visit to the indoor pool is included in the Carinthia (without sauna!)


  • Outdoor swimming pool Obervellach Take the hiking bus free of charge to Obervellach – then after a 10-minute walk you will reach the outdoor swimming pool. Admission in summer is included in the Carinthia Card.

  • Wild water arena: Info & booking service at tourist office Flattach www.wildwasserarena-moelltal.at; Tel. +43 (0) 4785 615

  • Active-Sport-Adventure Camp Pristavec, Obervellach
    www.sporterlebnis.at; Tel. +43 (0) 4782 2727


  • Motor activity park Obervellach

  • Club Active Mölltal Rafting & Outdoor, Flattach
    www.cam.at; Tel. +43 (0) 4785 410


You can personally experience just which elemental powers water can release in the following 3 ravines in our immediate vicinity:

  • Rabisch Schlucht (free)

  • Groppensteinschlucht (Carinthia Card)

  • Raggaschlucht (Carinthia Card)


Mallnitz 226, 9822 Mallnitz


+43 478 42 13 30