Taking yourself off to the mountains with a backpack is one of the best things you can do for your body and mind. Mallnitz offers 150 km of hiking trails at 3 different altitudes. Easy valley walks are possible as well as challenging tours in the summit region


Mallnitz is one of the mountaineering villages and summit climbers will most definitely not be bored here. The Hohe Tauern has more than 100 three-thousand-metre peaks to offer. Everything can be experienced here - from leisurely mountain tours to extended high-altitude hikes to challenging summit ascents or crossings. Beginners can make their first attempts here with state-certified mountain guides. Experienced climbers can enjoy the more difficult routes to the summits. The village itself is located in the south-facing Mallnitz high valley, a flat valley at 1,200 m above sea level, which is surrounded by eight three-thousand-metre peaks and over 20 other peaks that are just under 3,000 m


For those who want to go higher, different stages into the individual valleys can be accessed directly from our HOCHoben site. For example, you can hike up to the serviced Jamnig Alm from us via the Hengstenbergweg in Tauerentag, and if you want to go even further, the path leads you directly up to the Hagener Hütte, from where you can gaze into the Salzburg area.


  • Hochalmspitze (3.360 m)

  • Großelendkopf (3.319 m)

  • Ankogel (3.250 m)

  • Säuleck (3.086 m)

  • Schneewinkelspitze (3.015 m)

  • Maresenspitze (2.915 m)

  • Geiselkopf (2.974 m)

  • Gamskarlspitze (2.833 m)

  • Auernig (Hausberg 2130m)

  • Lonzaköpfl (2.318m)

  • Lonzahöhe (2.171m)

We are happy to organize hiking and mountain guides for you on site, who will prepare a tour together with you and accompany you when exploring the beauty of the Mallnitz mountains in the Hohe Tauern.


Taking the hiking bus directly to the Ankogel valley station provides the ideal starting point for a hike into the Seebach valley. Right at the beginning there is a wonderful leisure complex with a spacious playground and barbecue places directly at the Seebach river, which your children will love. If you continue to hike, you reach Lake Stappitz – a natural jewel that is used by all kinds of migratory birds as a stopover and invites you to bird watch. The Mallnitz nature trail starts from there and leads into the shady forest directly to the Schwussnerhütte  which we recommend especially on hot days. At the Schwussnerhütte you have the opportunity to refuel sufficiently before you go back to the village. The wilderness tour “On the trails of the red deer” is also particularly recommended". The hiking bus takes you to the Schwussnerhütte where the tour begins together with the National Park Ranger. It takes you into a breathtaking landscape with mountain forests, bearded vultures and the largest chamois population in the national park.


You can reach the Rabisch Gorge (Schlucht) on foot via the Hengstenbergweg in about 30 min. Especially on hot days you will enjoy passing impressive water falls, leading to the Groppenstein Gorge, which continues to Obervellach. Admission to the Groppenstein Gorge is included in the Carinthia Card. If you fancy even more canyon hiking, the Ragga Gorge is also recommended (also included in the Carinthia Card). The hiking bus in Mallnitz, which is available free of charge as a guest of an Alpine Pearls member, guarantees you the necessary flexibility to get to the starting points for the numerous hiking tours. For further details, please contact our reception. You can also find information in the form of hiking maps and brochures in our information corner.


Another highlight is the hike to the Dösental.  Here, too, it is possible to take the hiking bus to the Dösener car park. From there, you hike for about 45 minutes past the Old Venetian Saw to Konradlacke – a very idyllic place – continuing for about 1.5 hours steeply uphill to Lake Dösner and to the Arthur-von-Schmidhaus, which is also serviced offering food and drink. Unfortunately, there is no stop on the way, but you will be rewarded doubly at the Schmidhaus.


Beautiful tours can be started directly from our place via the Hengstenbergweg. Thus, the Mallnitz valley circular trail leads without large inclines via a star-shaped route into the three Mallnitz side valleys, the Tauern, Seebach and Dösenertal valleys. This is ideal for the first exploration of the Mallnitz area.


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