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General terms and conditions and camping regulations


Your chalet or mobile home is ready for you from 3:00 pm., your pitch from 12.00 pm.

On the day of departure, we kindly ask you to leave your chalet or mobile home by 10.00 am., your pitch or campground by 11 am. If you would like to extend the use of the booked service in our facility even longer, we kindly ask you to contact our reception team in good time.  Please note that charges may apply for extended periods of use. 


Please note that upon your arrival a transfer protocol must be signed at chalets and mobile homes.





When booking the standard rate, the advance payment to be made is 35% of the booked service. The deposit will be charged to the credit card on file after the reservation process has been completed.

With the debit the reservation is guaranteed and the following cancellation conditions are accepted:

  • Free cancellation up to 28 days prior to arrival

  • Within 28 days before arrival the cancellation fee is 100% of the booked service



In case of cancellation, no-show or change, the cancellation fee is 100% of the booked service.  There is no refund.



Reception: 08:00 am- 12:00 pm (low season) ; 8:00 am – 17:00 pm (main season)

Restaurant: Variable depending on season



Dogs can travel with you by prior arrangement.

The fee for bringing your dog with you is € 5.00 per dog per night at the campsite and € 18.00 in the chalets and mobile homes.

Please note that dogs only have access to certain areas of the campsite and that the mandatory use of leashes applies at all times. Dog waste bags are provided by the campsite.


Local Tax

Local tax/day and person: EUR 2,60 from 18 years



Our standard Wi-Fi is freely available throughout the square. For a fee we also offer more powerful Wi-Fi (Business).



The services include 5kwH/ day. If the service received exceeds this value, a value of EUR 0.50 per kwh will be charged.



Please note the smoking ban in all public and enclosed areas. We have set up special areas for our smoking guests in order to cater to everyone’s needs.


Travel insurance

We recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance when making your reservation. This covers all cancellation costs in the event of accident, illness or death of the insured person, children, parents or grandparents. (Of course, we require a written confirmation in each case).


Payment methods

Depending on the chosen form of reservation, you can pay your invoice in cash in Euros, by EC card or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Diners, American Express, JCB or CUP).

Please note that we only accept a card payment from an amount of € 25.00.


Reserving pitches

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to promise you the location or exact position of your pitch within a specific category (only applies to campsites). Please note that within a category, deviations from the pictures and floor plans shown are possible.




With the following rules, which are part of our general business condition, we would like to help you to spend relaxing and undisturbed camping days here with us.


1. Before entering the campsite, register at reception. We kindly ask you to present your identity card or passport upon registration.

2. All pitches are numbered. The boundaries of the pitches must be adhered to. In cases of doubt, the campsite operator determines the relevant course of the pitch boundaries.

3. In the area of the campsite you must drive at walking pace only (maximum 10km/h). Please consider children that are playing.


4. Quiet hours : 10:00 pm to 07:00 am

During this time, cars are not allowed to be moved at all and motorcycles are only allowed to be moved on the campsite with the engine switched off. It is not possible to drive in and out during this time. Parking is available at the car park southeast of the main building. Campers who ignore the quiet period, party, sing or shout at night would force us to ask for their stay to be cancelled. Even outside the quiet period, the use of radios, musical instruments or other music sources is only permitted if it does not disturb the neighbours. Preparation for your departure (i.e. taking your tent down) can only start from 07:00 am at the earliest.


5. Pets: The stay with dogs is allowed with us for a corresponding fee and on the provision that they are kept on a leash in the designated areas. No dog may be left alone on the campsite, even in the short term, without supervision. It is not permitted to enter the sanitary buildings with dogs. For dogs, a private dog shower is provided as marked. Soiling by pets on roads and green areas must be removed immediately by the owner. Fighting dogs and watchdogs are not allowed. Please make sure that your pet is not a noise nuisance. Dog waste bags are available directly at the reception.


6. Sanitary facilities: Please be particularly considerate as far as hygiene issues are concerned and leave the sanitary building as clean as you would like them to be for yourself. Water is a precious commodity, and we should treat it as such. Children under 10 years old are only allowed in the sanitary building if accompanied by adults. Parents are asked to encourage their children to keep these facilities clean (sanitary buildings, washing and laundry rooms).

7. Behaviour on the pitch

Please keep the pitch in a proper and clean condition. Barbequing at the pitch is only permitted with a suitable device and until further notice, if no open flames arise and no neighbour feels disturbed by the smoke. The ignition of bonfires is strictly forbidden by the fire police. In the event of a fire, everyone is obliged to provide immediate assistance – fire extinguishers are located in the marked places on the entire campsite, in the main building and in the southern sanitary facilities.

8. The disposal of sewage on the pitch and the creation of slit pits are not allowed. We kindly ask you to help us maintain the lawn and not put mats on the lawns. When leaving, please clean the pitch properly. We ask you to tolerate all measures taken to maintain and repair the campsite. Note that our power supply is secured with 16 amperes. For chemical toilet boxes, we have our own disposal area directly in the sanitary area of the main building.

9. Valuables and equipment as well as sports equipment are not insured by the campsite operator. In the event of damage, destruction or theft by third parties, the campsite operator assumes no liability whatsoever.

10. Camping guests are not allowed to cut trees and shrubs or to carry out  installations, plantings, fortifications or similar design measures without permission from the campsite operator.

11. Visitors must register before entering the campsite and are allowed to stay on the premises until 9:30 pm, after this time they must be registered as a guest and pay the regular passenger fee per night. Please inform your visitors about the camping regulations.

12. In the interests of order and security, we ask for strict compliance with this visitor regulations. Otherwise, a visitor fee of 10 euros will be charged. The parking areas intended for visitors are located in front of the campsite in a south-east direction from the main campsite building.

13. Please note that the main focus of our camping park is recuperation, relaxation, tranquillity and enjoyment, and we have special children's facilities for children's entertainment (playground,...). Many guests therefore appreciate the quiet and relaxed atmosphere in our camping park.

In our camping park, minors are only allowed if they are accompanied by their parents or adults during the entire stay. Parents or adult guardians are responsible for the behaviour of minors and must ensure that the children do not disturb the safety and tranquillity of the other guests of the campsite. The supervision of children is assumed by the parents or the appointed supervisors. We are exempt from all liability. The supervisors must also ensure that the children in the camping area do not cause damage and do not put themselves in danger. Ball-playing is not allowed between the tents or on the streets.

14. Waste disposal: The entire camping park is a large living space in which you want to feel comfortable. In order to protect our environment and keep the residual waste as low as possible, we have therefore set up a waste site. We kindly ask you to separate the waste and sort it into glass, paper, residual waste and organic waste. Together, we can avoid any increase in the waste charge. The disposal of bulky waste is strictly prohibited.

15. The pitch must be vacated by 11:00 am. on the day of departure.

16. Billing: In order to avoid unnecessary waiting times on the day of departure, we recommend that you pay the camping fees the day before your departure. If you only stay overnight, the camping fees will be charged on the day of departure. If there is no arrival on your pitch on the same day, you are welcome to leave in the afternoon. If you wish to do so, please consult us.

17. Anyone who violates the provisions of these camping regulations must expect immediate expulsion. In this case, the campsite operator reserves the right to claim damages.

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