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RESI - your digital holiday companion

Our RESI provides all guests with individualised information, offers and tips – precisely tailored to your personal period of stay.

Our RESI, a web app, accompanies you digitally and always up-to-date throughout your holidays and helps you with planning while still back home. RESI has the opening hours of culinary establish-ments ready for you, has events tips and numerous suggestions for sports activities as well as tour suggestions on hand for you.


It also lets everyone see the holiday weather, and the webcams in the region provide an insight into the wonderful scenery of the Hohe Tauern National Park.

With this holiday companion, you have all the information on call 24/7. Without cost and without download the web app is device-independent and you can browse, discover and plan from your desktop, tablet or smartphone. 

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Take full advantage of the benefits of RESI

Take full advantage of the benefits of RESI:

  • RESI is no normal app: You don’t have to download it to your smartphone. It is a “Progressive Web App” – much like a website, but with all the features of an app.

  • also use the watch list to select your favourites in advance so you don’t have to search for long when at your destination.

  •  you can even plan your stay in advance and easily add activities in your personal planner in the holiday companion.

 An exciting holiday can begin…

You can start your holiday planning from home with the help of RESI and benefit from any discounts!
Everything personalised and customised to your requirements.

How does it work?
Register for RESI. You can do this either by using the link in the invitation email from your accommodation, by scanning the QR code on site or registering directly on our website.

Our TIP!

Simply add the RESI web app as an ICON on your home screen and you’ll always have it handy!

RESI, your personal holiday companion! 

RESI, your personal holiday companion, has all the important information ready for you:

  • Leisure tips locally (sports & leisure offers, mobility & traffic, attractions)

  • Weather & Webcams

  • Latest event tips

  • Experiences shop

  • Tour suggestions with the most important information on hiking, climbing and biking in summer as well as ski touring, winter hiking, tobogganing and cross-country skiing in winter

  • Opening hours of restaurants

  • Services and benefits of the Kärnten Card or Nationalpark Kärnten Card in the partner businesses

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