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Hiking is often associated with a summit victory, according to the motto "further, faster, higher". But it doesn't always have to be trail running or high-altitude mountaineering. How about a relaxing hike with the Tauernlamas?

It would never occur to a lama to want to break records. The animals are not interested in reaching their destination quickly or standing at the highest peak. Lamas just enjoy the moment, are relaxed and have neither urgent appointments nor a fixed schedule! So, if you want to do a hike with lamas, you should bring patience & time.

A lush green alpine meadow or a beautiful sight can lead to a slightly longer break! But beware: The serenity of the animals is contagious ;-) ! Just switch off, relax and let yourself be guided by the animals! Stress and haste are not welcome here! Lamas are very sensitive and feel the restlessness of their companions. Jerky movements and shrill sounds can easily frighten them: If you want to make friends with Lamas, you first have to earn their trust, isn't that a great exercise for all of us?

Hikes with the Tauernlamas are suitable for the whole family. Whether on the evening village tour or on a longer tour into the Tauern Valley, hiking with lamas is twice as much fun, especially for children! We are also happy to offer lama hikes for birthdays or club & school trips!

The Tauernlamas are looking forward to seeing you!

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