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Hiking & Mountaineering

Making your way to the mountains with a backpack is one of the best things you can do for your body and mind. Easy valley walks are just as possible in Mallnitz as demanding tours in the summit regions. The village itself is located in the Mallnitz high valley open to the south, a flat valley at 1,200 m above sea level, which is surrounded by eight “three-thousanders” and over 20 other peaks just below 3,000 m. In addition to the approximately 150 km of hiking trails at 3 different altitude levels, there are over 100 “three-thousanders” in the Hohe Tauern just waiting to be climbed. Beginners can dare their first attempts with state-certified mountain guides. Of course, experienced climbers can also enjoy the difficult routes to the summits.

HOCHoben tip: A hike to Lake Stappitz and to the Schwussnerhütte – ideal for children

The hiking bus takes you directly to the Ankogel valley station. From there you have the ideal starting point for a hike into the Seebachtal. Right at the beginning there is a wonderful leisure facility with a spacious playground and barbecue areas directly on the river Seebach - your children will love it. Afterwards you walk on to Lake Stappitz – a natural jewel that is used by all sorts of migratory birds as a stopover and invites you to birdwatching. The Mallnitz nature trail starts right there and leads in the shady forest directly to the Schwußnerhütte. Here you have the opportunity to refuel yourself sufficiently before you go back in the direction of HOCHoben.

Especially recommended is the wilderness tour: "On the trail of the red deer". The hiking bus takes you to the Schwußnerhütte where the tour starts together with a national park ranger. It takes you into a breathtaking landscape with mountain jungles, bearded vultures and the largest chamois population in the entire national park.

HOCHoben tip: Explore the gorge hiking trail

On foot via the Hengstenberg path, the Rabischschlucht gorge can be reached in about 30 minutes. The path leads past imposing waterfalls to the Groppenstein gorge, which continues to Obervellach. An experience that is particularly popular on hot days. Admission through the Groppenstein Gorge is included in the KärntenCard. But if you haven't had enough of gorge hiking, the Ragga Gorge is still recommended (also included in the Kärnten-Card).

HOCHoben tip: Explore the valley circuit

Directly from HOCHoben you can start unforgettable tours via the Hengstenberg path. Thus, the Mallnitzer-valley circuit (Talrundweg) leads without large gradients star-shaped into the three Mallnitz side valleys - the Tauern, the Seebach and the Dösener Valley. The valley circuit “Talrundweg” is ideal for the first exploration of the Mallnitz surroundings.

HOCHoben tip: Use the hiking bus in Mallnitz

This is available to guests of an Alpine Pearls member company free of charge and guarantees the necessary flexibility to get to the starting points for the numerous hiking tours. Further information can be found at reception.

Tour planner for hikes in Mallnitz

In winter, weekly guided snowshoe hikes take place, which you as our guest can take advantage of free of charge.


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