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Adjusted cancellations
due to COVID-19:

In the event of border closures, hotel and camping closures imposed by the authorities or a new lockdown by the government, we offer you the following alternatives as a guest:


You book your holiday with us for a different period of time. In this case, the deposit would stay with us and be used for the newly booked holiday. Of course, you can take your time choosing your new date - it is acceptable to only giving us the new desired date after a few months.

You cancel your holiday with us free of charge. In this case, we will of course refund the deposit paid to you immediately. For this we need your account details (IBAN and BIC). In case of border closures by the government during your holiday, you can of course leave at any time and the remaining booked days will be cancelled free of charge.


Should the travel-restrictive measures be lifted, the regular cancellation conditions will apply as set out in the General Terms and Conditions.

Special cover for COVID-19
Europäische Reiseversicherung:

If you cannot go on your well-deserved holiday because you are ill yourself, have tested positive for COVID or have to be quarantined because of a relative in the common household?

For this purpose, we recommend the hotel cancellation insurance from the European Travel Insurance. The special cover for Corona despite pandemic and at no extra charge can be found  here in detail


Apart from the special cover "Corona despite pandemic" this insurance can offer you even more.

Here you will find all the information about the hotel cancellation PLUS



Here is all the information about the hotel cancellation PREMIUM.



Of course, the special cover "Corona despite pandemic" is included in both insurances.

In case of a booking, you will find a link in your booking confirmation through which you can take out the insurance yourself, easily, quickly and online. Of course, you can also take out the insurance immediately here:

We are also happy to take care of this process for you! Simply transfer the premium for the respective hotel cancellation insurance (plus or premium) to our account with the deposit due – that's all! All the necessary information can then of course be found in detail in your booking confirmation.

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